Google Ads For Travel Agencies

Grow your travel agency on Google with paid advertising. Our search experts will help you drive leads to your business at the right cost.

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Why Google Ads For Travel Agencies?

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords is paid Google advertising that puts your advertisement on the first page of Google search results for the keywords you choose. Google Ads is incredibly important as Google’s search engine market share for 2022 in the USA is at 83.09% while globally, it is at 92.48%, making Google the best search engine to advertise on.  According to Google, businesses get $2 in return for every dollar spent on Google Ads, a return on investment (ROI) of 100% as people are four times more likely to click on Google Ads compared to any other platform. When it comes to the travel industry, the average traveler spends 13% of their online activity researching travel-related activities with Google being the preferred channel. 

Benefits of Travel Agency Advertising on Google Ads

While some may argue that they can opt for free service using search engine optimization (SEO), it can take a significant amount of time and effort before the website starts to rank and there is no guarantee for this to happen. In fact, an analysis reported that it takes an average of two years to rank on the first page of Google. With Google Ads, you can start seeing results almost instantaneously. Besides that, there are many other benefits of using Google Ads for your travel agency.

Target Audience

Undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing campaign, using Google Ads allows you better control when it comes to selecting your target audience as it maximizes the quality of your leads. This means you are showing your ads to those who have the most potential of being interested in your offer, making them more likely to complete your goals instead of being just a passive browser. With Google Ads, you can target your potential customers based on different variables such as keywords, ad location, age, language, and many more. 


There are no lower limits for Google Ads payments, giving you the possibility of setting the budget for paid advertising. This means you get to decide how much money you will spend daily, weekly, or monthly. Best of all, you do not even need to pay when someone sees your ad, only when they click on it. 

Ad Control

Besides being able to control the budget for advertising, Google Ads also allows you the possibility of controlling what you are paying for. You get to choose if you are spending on more ad clicks, ad appearances, or conversions based on different auction strategies such as:

Campaign Optimization

With Google Ads, you can follow up on what visitors do on your website after clicking on an ad – be it going through with reservations, downloading a catalog, signing up for a newsletter, and more. This allows you to see what interests your visitors, which ads get the most clicks, which keywords are most successful, and allows you to optimize your campaigns and allocate your resources better. This means you can invest in keywords and campaigns that bring in more bookings.

Advertising Networks

By using Google Ads, you also gain access to showing your ads on Google’s advertising networks. 

Starting A Google Ads Campaign

Google Ads campaigns can help you with more leads and sales, but the platform is not as easy as it seems as you are competing not only with your direct competitors, but also big online travel agents that already know how to maximize the potential of this tool. When using Google Ads, it is important to use the right keywords, copy, and targeting to avoid losing money. You should also have landing pages that are optimized to convert to avoid irrelevant clicks. If you have decided that Google Ads is the best way to advertise your travel agency, you can start your first paid search campaign by creating a Google Ads account and choose to start a campaign. Here are some steps for you to get started:

Goals & Campaign Type
Upon choosing to start a campaign, you will be prompted to choose your main advertising goal. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your travel agency. You can then choose from the different campaign types available. If in doubt, click on each ad type to learn more about them. Campaign types include search ads, display ads, video ads, and more. 
Audience Targeting
Next is audience targeting where you consider the type of people who are ready to book a service you offer. In this section, there are many options as you can “include Google search partners” for your ads to appear on other search engines, choose to “display network” to show you ads beyond other websites, target people in a specific country using geographic targeting, choosing a specific audience based on language, and more.
Once you have decided on your target audience, determine how much you want to spend and set an amount for your daily budget. Most travel agencies tend to focus on conversions, clicks, or impressions. For beginners, Google recommends spending a daily average of $10 to $50 on ad campaigns.
Ad Groups & Keywords
This is where you start creating a group of ads that will interest your target audience. Under the default ad group, you will choose keywords you want your ads to appear under. A general keyword will match a broader set of related searches, but it can be narrowed down by using settings with exact phrases or specific searches. 
Writing & Finalizing Your Ad
Every ad consists of a headline, URL, and search description. When writing your ad, focus on solving the viewer’s questions or needs. Make sure it is relevant to your keywords and have a clear call-to-action. Learn how to add tracking parameters to your URL to help you identify where your traffic is coming from. Google will identify any issues that could interfere with your ad results. Once your ad is ready, it can be published. 

In your ad, consider adding “extensions” such as callouts or site links as this gets you more clicks. You can also use extensions to link to other pages on your site to maximize the potential of your ad. Google recommends adding at least 4 for each ad group or campaign. 

Why Choose DDM Generation For Your Travel Agency Google Ads?

Google Ads is a great platform for gaining traffic when it comes to tourism, but it has to be done correctly to maximize opportunities and keep costs down. Due to the complexity of running successful Google Ads campaigns, some companies prefer to have an agency manage their campaigns, costing anywhere between $250 to $5,000 a month. Many businesses find this worth it as the ad spend budget will be close to the amount you spend on management fees with an agency.  At DDM Generation, we manage all your Google Ad Campaigns by regularly monitoring them to ensure that you are getting the best possible outcome with your budget. Powered by data, we help you gain insight into the current market and your competitors so you can make important business decisions and focus on growing your travel business. Here are some ways we benefit your travel agency:

Tailored Business Strategies
As mentioned previously, you will be competing not only with direct competitors but also big online travel agents who have an endless marketing budget. At DDM Generation, our team of experts will be tailoring your Google Ads campaigns to suit your business objectives, organic traffic rankings, and competitive landscape. We will also be tracking every dollar and centralizing the maintenance of paid campaigns to ensure each campaign is complementary and the budget is well spent. 
Campaign Optimization
It is important for travel agencies to optimize their Google Ads campaigns regularly based on their updated services, target demographics, and seasonality patterns. Our team understands the importance of timing and demographics in the travel industry. Our management of Google Ads in the travel industry includes pausing irrelevant campaigns, monitoring locations, making ad text adjustments, updating keywords or landing pages, and many more. 
Superior Digital Marketing Strategies
Most of the travel industry is based on new perspectives, life experiences, and having fun. This also means that most competitors are offering similar services and bidding on the same keywords. Our team’s aim is to help you find an unexplored niche and capitalize on your travel agency’s unique traits. Not only does this help your company stand out, it also allows you to dominate the niche while keeping costs low. 
Specialized Team
In the travel industry, most ads on the display network are plain text ads. This means your company can capitalize on visually captivating ads as the image of the location sells! At DDM Generation, our team is made up of experts that specialize in different roles to provide the whole package, including captivating visual ads on the display network. Part of our services include creating customized remarketing campaigns, regularly optimizing display campaigns, and more.
Landing Page Optimization
Landing pages are crucial for any business. Properly optimized, it provides your potential clients trust and confidence in your company. By using trustworthy language, displaying legal certifications, and the addition of customer testimonials can increase your conversion rates significantly as leads in the beginning stage of the funnel can be persuaded to choose you over another competitor. 
Continuous Support
Opportunities in the travel industry are limitless. At DDM Generation, we do not stop when there is success with a campaign as we believe in maximizing the potential of your company. Our team is also happy with any degree of involvement you want for your team. We can help your team understand the ins and outs of managing your Google Ads campaigns or you can also trust us to drive you leads while you focus fully on running the business.
Competing in a rapidly shifting and demanding industry can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Powered by data, our PPC company strives to improve brand awareness and conversion rates.  If you are interested in knowing more about DDM Generation’s Google Ads services for travel agencies, get in touch with our team for a full list of our services and learn how we can help you reach your key performance indicators (KPIs).