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Modern marketing is a data-driven process where analysis of key performance indicators allows businesses to determine if their marketing efforts are bringing in the expected return on investment. Simply said, marketing analytics comprises of technologies and methods that are vital in the evaluation of past marketing performance and determining what actions need to be taken to improve going forwards

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What Do Marketing Analytics Do?

Marketing analytics transforms raw data into marketing insights with the goal of maximizing return on investment (ROI). It uses analytics tools to evaluate these efforts and establish business metrics such as customer satisfaction, churn rate, public perception, and more to measure the success of the company. This analysis can reveal the causal links between actual sales and marketing decisions.

Advantages of Marketing Analytics

Generally, marketing analytics experts make advertising more effective and can have a positive impact for the greater business. Here are some of its key benefits:

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Comprehensive View

It all starts by identifying your potential customers and understanding what keywords they look for. Once the appropriate keywords are determined, we incorporate it into your ads. 
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Lead Generation

Chances are you are not the only business offering similar products or services. By helping you understand the competition better, we help you stay ahead of the game.
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Understanding Customers

While PPC campaigns may seem simple, you need proper expert advice to make it a success. Our team takes the time to understand both your short and long-term goals, identify the right media channels, and more.
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Real Time Analysis

Having a PPC management team that constantly monitors your campaign, calculates the ROI, and analyzes the results helps you to better understand which strategies are working.

Analytics Consulting

While an analytics consultant and marketing consultant may seem similar, marketing consultants offer advice to build and implement various marketing strategies while an analytics consultant is more data driven, has more resources, and gives you more access to all aspects of digital marketing such as paid search, SEO, and more.

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Marketing Analytics

Since marketing analytics is vital in answering important business questions, analytics consultants are often in demand to deliver value-added analytical solutions. They balance business and hardcore data analytics services by understanding the business needs of clients, developing innovative analytics solutions, recognizing new business opportunities, and identifying the best solution for the client based on their timeline and budget constraints.
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Analytics Consultants

Analytics consultants work closely with you and your marketing team to develop effective solutions, integrate your data sources into a platform, develop forecasting and prescriptive analytics models, and determine the best method for collecting and sharing data across your organization. Simply said, these consulting services are the whole package in setting your company up for success.

The current market for these services ranges from $100 to $450 an hour.

DDM Generation's Approach To Marketing Analytics

At DDM Generation, our team goes above and beyond via deep keyword analysis and competitor analysis. Our process is tailored and thoughtful, a product of time spent with you and your team. This allows us to develop a comprehensive analytics strategy driven by compelling content. Here are some of our services:

Google Tag Manager Services

Google Tag Manager is a tagging platform that enables the creation, management, and deployment of tags on the website without the need to manually update codes. With this tool, you can tag important actions on the website to track marketing performances. It helps you to gain insight into your website’s performance and maximize Google Analytics reporting capabilities.

Website Audit & Tag Mapping

Having a robust tracking solution for a website can be hugely beneficial. Our team starts with an audit of your current setup and provides recommendations and feedback on how best to optimize tracking on your website. After analyzing the website, we begin mapping a tagging structure.

We can also help update your tags to facilitate Google Analytics reporting or migrate any existing tags to Google Tag Manager to ensure that it is optimized, collecting data, and consistent. Our audits provide you a roadmap for the correct implementation of Google Tag Manager on your website. This audit can either be provided to your team for implementation or as a first step in an ongoing engagement.

Setup & Configuration

Our team of SEM experts have implemented many Google Tag Manager configurations. We ensure that the account is set up properly and configured to track your goals. We also believe in working closely with your team to ensure the best results. With so much to know about Google Tag Manager, we help train your employees to make better data driven decisions.

Ongoing Consultation and Maintenance

As your campaigns evolve, the need to ensure correct tagging structures and data collection is more important than ever to drive the business forward. Our services include regular audits to ensure long term success.

Google Analytics 4

In late 2020, Google announced that everyone will be forced to migrate over to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) if they want to continue tracking the data on their website or mobile app on the 1st of July 2023. At DDM Generation, we encourage businesses to make the switch to this new upgrade sooner than later as it will take some time and effort to do so.

Designed for scale and privacy, GA4 offers more robust tracking, enabling brands to track all digital interactions on one platform while focusing more on user and event analysis. This tool is designed to rely on data modeling to fill in gaps where information is incomplete. Soon, it will incorporate the machine learning models from Google to support a future without first party cookies. The new changes will bring better data visualization and actionable insights. Here are some features of GA4.

Event & Conversion Tracking

GA4 data comes from events that are triggered by users as they interact with your app or website. Using the interface, any events that contribute to the success of your business are flagged as conversions, making it easier to track.

Funnel Analysis

Funnel exploration allows you to visualize the steps users take to complete a goal and how well they are performing at each step. With this information, you can improve the user’s journey and overall customer experience.

GA4 Reporting

GA4 reporting allows you to understand your users and their activity by providing pre-built reports that can be used for data analysis. Besides the reports GA4 provides, you can also use the data to build your own report so you can reference the information you care most about.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a data management tool that helps you to visualize your data so you can use it to make better business decisions. This tool allows you to compile raw data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and more. Once all the data is converted into meaningful information, it helps you to gain a collective insight regarding your business.

By partnering with DDM’s team of Google Data Studio experts, we will start the set up and show your team how to use the platform and how to read the reports in a way that makes sense for your business. Our custom dashboards and reports ensure that you get the metrics that mean the most to you. Here are some ways Google Data Studio can benefit your business:

Unified Data

Google Data Studios enables you to compile all your data in one place by connecting with other tools such as Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Spreadsheets, and more.

Impactful Story

Google Data Studios enables you to tell a story with your data via intuitive and engaging reports and next level data visualization. Turn your raw data into easily digestible reports and dashboards.

Automation & Collaboration

With Google Data Studios, you can now enjoy automated reporting and team collaboration. Share your reports by granting access to edit or view so your team can work on the report in real-time together.

Excel Reporting

Excel is an invaluable tool that goes hand-in-hand with data analysis in Google Analytics. In fact, there are too many ways that we use Excel in SEM campaigns, ranging from keyword research, campaign optimization, and reporting.

  • Combining Data

    It works marvelously to aggregate data as data from other tools can be exported into Excel. This is important as it allows the combination of metrics that are often not provided in Google Analytics.

  • Data Organization and Reporting

    Once all the metrics you want are available, you can now organize your data by creating pivot tables which are easy to read. This makes Excel a great tool to quickly summarize large amounts of data.

Tracking Templates

A tracking template is where tracking information is inserted. Once the ad is clicked, the information can be used to customize your final URL. This is important as we can use UTM parameters to track how users get to your site, how they behave on the site based on different entry points, and to determine how specific ads or online marketing campaigns are performing.

Marketing Attribution

Marketing attribution is a reporting strategy where marketers and sales team see the impact made via a specific social media strategy or even blog post. This is important as it enables marketers to pinpoint the exact effort that resulted in a conversion, allowing better decision-making on where best to invest your resources and time.

SEO Reporting & Analysis

SEO reporting is incredibly important as it shows management and clients the results. While it is a process that can be undoubtedly time-consuming, SEO reporting can be streamlined and optimized, saving you both time and money. Through SEO reporting and analysis, brands get a better idea of what content is more attractive, leading to a higher conversion rate. This understanding of what customers like allows you to better allocate your content marketing resources by creating high quality content that brings in brand revenue.

At DDM Generation, we understand the critical role of SEO reporting in developing a strong digital marketing strategy. Our version of SEO reporting collects the right data and analyzes it to let you know what areas need improvements to bring quality ROI for the company. With solid SEO reporting and analysis, you will be able to present digital marketing findings to the company, convince others of the value of your SEO efforts, and make it easier to secure assistance or collaboration.

SEM Reporting & Analysis

SEM reporting covers the overall performance of your paid campaigns. In SEM reports, there are many options and variations for data collection. This is where the real power of SEM lies as SEM reporting helps you to understand how a user interacts with your website, allowing you to refine your content flow to direct your audience towards your goals.

Since Google Analytics and Google Search Console does not have a predefined SEM report, DDM Generation can play a vital role in helping you build the report that makes an impact on demonstrating your progress towards reaching your key performance indicators (KPIs). Our analysis of your data can help you determine your brand’s progress, explain any disappointments, and best of all, show off your successes.

Conversion Tracking Implementation/ Audit/ Setup

Our team can also help with the implementation, audit, or setup for conversion tracking, a powerful tool that helps you to identify how well your campaigns are performing by measuring metrics such as sales, downloads, lead generation, and various other key actions. The data from conversion tracking identifies what works and what does not, allowing you to optimize ads, copy, keywords, and landing pages accordingly.

Marketing analytics is key in performance evaluation and to transform data into marketing insights. With DDM Generation’s marketing analytics services at $250 an hour, you will have all the data needed to make wiser data driven decisions that will help your business grow.

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