100% Focused on Paid Search. Highly Specialized and Data Driven so Your Money is Well Spent.

Our team at DDM Generation has an abundance of experience in managing successful paid search campaigns. Start maximizing conversions while minimizing cost-per-conversion. By employing proprietary tactics, our team of PPC experts will work closely with your company to drive exceptional results and flawlessly execute paid search strategies.

Pay Per Click Marketing

DDM’s Approach To Paid Search Services

To create powerful campaigns, we devise customer-centric strategies to improve user experience throughout their visit with KPI optimization and customized messaging.  Whether you are new to paid search or want to optimize your current PPC campaigns, our team’s combined experience can deliver impressive conversion rates to maximize ROI.

Find people searching for your products or services on Google

When a user searches on Google or Bing, we will create ads that answer to what they're looking for online. Ads that are relevant to user searches, as well as, competitive to help you stay ahead of others. Our paid search services are the best in the business. Learn more about our search engine marketing pricing here.

Part of our process:

Our team can start fresh or with an in-depth audit of your existing PPC accounts. We will do our research to make recommendations on how best to engage and convert customers. Here are some examples how our team can take optimize your PPC campaigns to improve your ROI:

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Keyword Research

It all starts by identifying your potential customers and understanding what keywords they look for. Once the appropriate keywords are determined, we incorporate it into your ads. 
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Competitor Analysis

Chances are you are not the only business offering similar products or services. By helping you understand the competition better, we help you stay ahead of the game.
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While PPC campaigns may seem simple, you need proper expert advice to make it a success. Our team takes the time to understand both your short and long-term goals, identify the right media channels, and more.
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PPC Monitoring

Having a PPC management team that constantly monitors your campaign, calculates the ROI, and analyzes the results helps you to better understand which strategies are working.
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Course Correction

Through PPC monitoring, we’ll work with you to make sure quality & volume has the right balance. This enables us to reallocate your budget to the most effective campaigns.

Specialized Campaigns

By leaving paid search services to our team, you are free to focus on running your business (or marketing department) as we set up and structure Google Ads campaigns to bring in paid traffic. Our team will build highly-targeted campaigns using focused keywords, click-to-call, dynamic test insertion, and other strategies to make the most of your PPC return on ad spend.

Paid Search Growth