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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a powerful marketing channel used to promote a website on search engines such as Google Ads or Bing Ads. Although organic strategies can help attract traffic, SEM allows you to compete on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by paying for clicks and getting in front of your audience faster.

Hiring a SEM Consultant can help maximize the effectiveness of your online advertising efforts, as well as, empower your team to learn SEM for themselves. Investing money in a high quality, qualified expert will save you money at the end of the day!

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Why SEM Consulting?

SEM is the process where paid advertising is used to driven traffic to a website with a goal in mind. That could be to increase brand awareness and visibility or drive leads, sales and signups. It is essential as you will not be competing for organic space, ensuring that your target audience sees your high quality content. This effectively drives traffic and can boost conversion rates. 

Jenna Clark: Top SEM Consultant

Learn from a search engine marketing (SEM/PPC) specialist with 9+ years of experience with proven results and a growth mindset.
What she teaches:
✅ Google Ads (Search, Display, Video, PMax)
✅ Microsoft Ads
✅ Google Analytics (GA4)
✅ Google Tag Manager
✅ Conversion Rate Optimization
✅ Tracking & Attribution
✅ Audience Building
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Due to high demand, we have a 2 week waitlist for new clients. Submit your information to stay informed on scheduling a consultation.
Due to high demand, we have a 2 week waitlist for new clients. Submit your information to stay informed on scheduling a consultation.
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Top SEM Tools

SEM tools are tools used by professional experts and website owners for site analysis and optimization of online marketing campaigns. SEM tools vary in price and functionality. When choosing one, consider factors such as campaign management, platform features, customer support, and more.

Increase Revenue With SEM
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SEMrush is a fantastic tool that allows extensive keyword research, keyword rank tracking, traffic analysis, site audits, and various SEM efforts. It also enables competitive analysis where you can research marketing efforts by your competitors and other vital information that can help you outrank other businesses on the SERPs. However, as a keyword research tool, Ahrefs’ new database allows it to generate on average 50% more keyword ideas.
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IF you would like to see the ad tests and keywords your competitors are buying on Google, SpyFu is a SEM tool that enables you to do that. This tool allows you to see every keyword bought, ranked organic keywords, ad variations, and also monitors your own rankings on different search engines.
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Google Data Studio
Digital marketing requires a lot of data collection and analysis. With Google Data Studio, this free data visualization tool allows you to combine data from various sources to create detailed reports effortlessly. 
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Google Keyword Planner
If you need to research keywords for your Google Ads Search campaigns, Google Keyword Planner is a great tool that is backed by Google’s data network, allowing you to discover relatable keywords, monthly search estimates, and organize keywords for your brand. With Ahrefs’ updated database, it now has better search volumes than Google Keyword Planner which uses group search queries with similar meaning to show an aggregated search for the entire group. logo
This tool’s most helpful feature is its ability to tap into not just the different search engines, but also Twitter, Amazon, the App Store, Instagram, and more so you can segment your keyword research and better target your efforts. It takes your base keyword and provides you with different variations, enabling you to cultivate a more extensive keyword list.
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One of the best tools currently is Ahrefs which first started as a backlink analysis tool but has made massive progress in the past year, giving it the most accurate data about keywords. They now have the option to connect your website with Google Search Console and have more accurate data.


For those familiar with marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that is often confused with SEM. SEO is a partial strategy used together with PPC campaigns to create the foundation of SEM. While SEO can take an average of four to six months to work, you can see traffic and conversions with SEM almost instantly.  

Another main difference between SEO and SEM is that many people are drawn to SEO because they think it is free as it is based on organic search results. While you do not need to pay when someone clicks on your site, it will take a lot of time, effort, and money such as needing to use paid SEO tools without the guarantee that your website would rank. 

Compared to SEM that is 100% PPC advertising, you are spending but you will get results in return. In the short-term, PPC campaigns are generally cheaper than SEO. Most SEM agencies use a flat fee pricing model with an average of $499 to $999 per month and beyond.  

Since SEM can be overwhelmingly complicated or confusing, some brands employ a professional individual or agency to optimize content. These SEM consultants can help analyze data, implement strategies, and promote your brand better. Here are some key benefits of SEM consulting services:

  • Understanding Prospects

    SEM consulting can be remarkably helpful for websites that are not progressing well with online competition as it helps you to understand your target audience better. At DDM Generation, our SEM experts are trained to acquire and analyze data to help garner the attention of your prospects. 
  • Marketing Plan Organization

    Our marketing consultants  can help you to configure, optimize, and tailor your website content to your campaign plan through in-depth campaign analysis and tracking so continuous optimization enables your website to gain traffic. By partnering with us, you will learn the best ways to bring your marketing performance to the next level.
  • Analytics Done Right

    Whatever applications you use, each platform will include APIs or webhooks to allow integrations with data analytics software. Our team will be analyzing various data sources as this is the best way to supercharge your marketing services. Based on the data, we adjust to improve marketing outcomes and generate more marketing qualified leads. 
With the right tools and a great team to back you up, SEM can be an excellent strategy for lead generation as it helps to increase visibility, brand awareness, and improve rankings for your website. At DDM Generation where data is our core, our team can aid your company’s performance and growth by helping you make the right investment.
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