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We Help Busy Marketing Teams, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs Maximize Leads with Ads on Google & Bing.

DDM is a top notch Google Ads agency powered by data. We will boost conversions and ROI, not just driving you leads - but MQLs that turn into revenue.

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Clients that trust us to help them grow:
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Hire a Team You Can Trust with Your Money

Our search marketing agency helps you maximize your spend on Google & Bing. We leverage your data to help strategize and optimize your account.

Growth YoY
We grow if our clients grow. By specializing in one channel, we really know what we're doing.
Google Partner
DDM is ranked as a top Google partner for the service we provide our clients.
CTRs Above Standard
Our clients have 121% higher click through rates than industry standards.
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We are highly specialized in search engine marketing, conversion rate optimize and data consulting.
Supporting Platforms
We invest in supporting technology for success.
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Learn more about what we do:

Search Engine Marketing

DDM Generation is a leading search engine marketing company that will help you reach your marketing goals & improve your business’s success online. If you want to acquire new customers efficiently, we can help you accomplish that with paid advertising on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and other search engines. We use the best in class paid search structure supported by data-driven decisions.

Search Engine Marketing

Data Analytics Consulting

The measurement and analysis of your site data and marketing efforts performance can provide valuable insights into where your most valuable customers are coming from, how your potential customers are interacting and  where you should focus your marketing spend next. With our data-driven approach, we will help you create and implement an integrated marketing analytics strategy that puts you ahead of your competition. We will give you the advantage to make smarter decisions from your data - for search and the greater business. GTM, GA4 + More!

Data Analytics Consulting

A Paid Search Company You Can Trust

At DDM Generation, we are a PPC agency that creates and manages highly successful paid search campaigns to drive new leads and sales. We offer a variety of services ranging from full service such as implementing a new PPC campaign or partial service such as in PPC management. Some of the services we offer include:

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Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Choosing the right keywords to bid on is crucial to the success of your Google Ads campaign. Through in-depth research of keywords and your competitors, we create a paid search campaign that drives sales and increases your ROI. 
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Campaign & Ad Copy Creation

We will be involved from start to finish: creating ad copy, configuring settings, and finally implementing and monitoring your campaigns to ensure it achieves the highest conversion rates possible. 
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Landing Pages

Driving traffic is only part of the battle. To improve your conversion rates, having a good landing page design that aligns to the ads and keywords can be significantly beneficial. 

Happy Customers

Read what our customers have to say about us

"We’ve seen incredible results so far. Whatever Jenna and her team is doing, is working."
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Lacey Ware

Property Manager, RedSail

"It's been a great experience working with DDM. We've seen leads increase while cost per acquisition became much more efficient."
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Michael Kanko

CEO & Co-Founder, ImportGenius

"Their level of expertise is incredible. They are small but mighty operation and I trust them entirely."
Adam Avatar

Adam Willis

President & Founder, Nestwell Property Management

"My experience with them has been much better than my experiences with past vendors."

Brent Holmes

CEO, Clockwork Property Management

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Why Clients Choose Us Over Other Agencies:

DDM has a team of experts with years of experience running successful Google Ads campaigns across various industries. As one of the top paid search agencies specializing in Google Ads, we can help you get things right the first time.

Paid Search Expertise

Advertising agencies may specialize in marketing but not necessarily in Google Ads. As a Google Ads agency, we ensure that all pay per click advertising campaigns are created, implemented, and monitored by relevant experts. 

Data Driven Approach

As our name suggests, our Google Ads approach is fully data driven through tracking and reporting using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to consolidate and analyze data to provide actionable insights.

Complete Transparency

You get full access to your account and reports that contain important metrics and data, ensuring that your ad spend is well allocated and maximized to its fullest potential.

Performance Based Contracts

Instead of being bound by long term contracts, you get to decide if you want to work with us based on our performance. For the best results with Google Ads, a minimum period of 3 months is ideal. 

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Thought Leadership

Read more on our blog page

Paid Search
5 min read

Generative AI on Search Engine Results: Quality Over Quantity will Prevail

Dive into how generative AI in search results creates opportunities and challenges for marketers. Why quality over quantity will win out every time in the future.
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Data Science in Marketing Departments

First, take a second to think about how your organization or team is actively using data to make decisions. Next, how do the different departments and team members within an organization use data? We’re going to discuss one specific department
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A Mobile-First Internet; How to Avoid Missing Out.

Mobile first internet is an approach where prioritization of design and user experience is given to mobile sites as more internet users are making the switch to using mobile devices for the research and purchase of products and services.


What is the role or goal of a paid search agency?

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A paid search agency offers PPC services and specializes in helping your company to place ads higher on relevant search engine results pages (SERPs) with the goal of driving traffic, increasing conversions, improving brand awareness, and providing real time insight into the industry and competitors in the market. It is one of the fastest ways to see results. Paid search encompasses PPC ads on social media platforms such as Facebook ads or on search engines such as Bing ads and Google ads.

What is the difference between paid search and organic search?

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Both paid search and organic search has its pros and cons. Organic search has many benefits such as having a low cost, delivers an impressive ROI, compounds on its benefits, boosts website credibility, attracts relevant users, provides actionable data, and supports other marketing channels. Its disadvantages include needing routine upkeep, taking a significant amount of time to deliver results, fighting for real estate from search engines, and requires search engine optimization (SEO) background and skill set.

On the other hand, the advantages of paid search or PPC marketing include generating near instant results, delivering an impressive ROI, offering keyword data for (SEO), accommodating every budget, attracting ready to buy users, providing actionable data, and supporting other marketing channels. Its disadvantages include the need for constant maintenance, costs money upfront, provides short term results, and requires a PPC background and skill set.

What is the difference between an advertising agency, digital advertising agency, and Google Ads agency?

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All the above agencies have the same objective of bringing more attention to a particular brand, business, or service through different marketing strategies. An advertising agency works to write pitches, research targeted demographics, develop copy, and use other methods to reach a certain audience. Digital advertising agencies and Google Ads agencies offer the same marketing services as well, but with a modern twist by using a set of online tools to further reach their audience and measure relevant metrics. 

Compared to digital advertising agencies, Google Ads management agencies are specialized in creating and implementing Google Ads campaigns. Meanwhile, digital agencies have wider and broader advertising services. If you are looking for an agency to ensure the success of your Google Ads campaigns, a Google AdWords agency, PPC company, or digital marketing agency specializing in Google Ads are your best bet. 

What are the benefits of having an agency run your Google Ads?

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Having a specialized agency to run your Google Ads can help you to get faster and more efficient results. This is especially important for small businesses. Although PPC allows smaller brands to compete with larger companies who have larger advertising budgets, the increasing competition in paid search makes it more complicated. 

A large business has more money to spend on testing and analysis, allowing them to change PPC strategies. They can also afford to hire an in-house search engine marketing (SEM) expert for ads management and online marketing efforts. Since small businesses do not have this luxury, having an agency to get things right the first time can save a significant amount of time and money. 

How much does it cost to have an agency run your Google Ads?

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The average pricing to have an agency run your Google Ads marketing campaigns ranges between $499 to $5,000+ per month depending on what services you want. At DDM Generation, every project we take on is tailored for each client, depending on goals, budget, and services requested. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free audit session to give you an idea of how high-impact PPC advertising can benefit your business along with the estimated cost, no strings attached.

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