Generative AI on Search Engine Results: Quality Over Quantity will Prevail

Dive into how generative AI in search results creates opportunities and challenges for marketers. Why quality over quantity will win out every time in the future.

During the Google Marketing Live event that occurred May 21, 2024. Google announced their integration of generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its search engine results page (SERP). Marking a transformative shift in the landscape of search engine marketing (SEM).

Welcome to the future: Search with Generative AI

Generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence that can create content, will enhance Google's ability to deliver more accurate, contextually relevant, and personalized search results. Back in September, I wrote an article on The Impact of AI on Search Advertising, fast forward to now quite a lot is similar to what I predicted. However, we'll first have to get over a hump of learning - as all AI requires learning periods. Google's AI is currently struggling with that now, but as time goes on, we'll forget and it will serve our needs, very very well. Eventually, understanding and interpreting user search intent more effectively, generative AI will produce responses that are not only more precise but also richer in detail. Check out an example of the AI reponse on the SERP below:

Google's Generative AI on the SERP

Enhanced User Experience - EPIC!

One of the most significant impacts of generative AI on search results is the improvement in user experience. Traditional search results often require users to sift through multiple links to find the information they need. With generative AI, Google can generate comprehensive answers directly within the SERP, reducing the need for users to click through multiple sites. This is a markers dream. Enhanced segmentation and copy generated in bulk to serve the custom needs of all users. This not only saves our marketing departments time but also enhances the overall satisfaction with the search experience of users. To have enhanced user experiences you need improved content relevancy....

Improved Content Relevance - a win win for all of us.

Generative AI allows for a deeper understanding of the context and semantics behind search queries. This means that search results can be tailored more closely to the specific needs and preferences of users. For example, a search query about "best Italian restaurants in New York" can yield personalized recommendations based on the user's past search history, location, and dining preferences, resulting in highly relevant and useful search outcomes. This is great because we do not all have the same level of standard, likes, appreciation and wants. What is going to be so so important here is for businesses to give as much data about themselves so that data gets absorbed by Google and it can recommend your business to the right people.

Implications for Businesses Investing in Search Engine Efforts

The introduction of generative AI in search results presents both opportunities and challenges for search engine marketers. Here are a few key considerations:

Shift in SEO Strategies

Traditional SEO strategies focused heavily on keyword optimization and backlink building may need to evolve. With AI-generated content here now, the focus will shift towards creating high-quality, authoritative content that AI algorithms recognize as valuable and relevant. Which means custom, unique, smart and ...with an added human touch... content will prevail. So this is my call out to the world.. STOP, over producing bland content. It will get you now where. START, producing less content but make what you share to the world, well through out, backed by data and smart. Marketers will need to prioritize search optimization that really zeros in on meaning and context, while also ensuring their content aligns with the natural language processing capabilities of generative AI.

Content Quality, Authenticity and Promotion

As generative AI becomes more adept at creating content, the emphasis on originality and authenticity will grow. In advertising, as AI levels the playing ground quite a bit - marketers will have to get creative. What makes you different? Why types of promotions are you running? Marketers must ensure that their content stands out by providing unique insights, authoritative perspectives, that genuine value is offered and that promotional offers stand out. This will require a greater investment in research and content development, moving beyond surface-level information to in-depth, well-researched pieces that can effectively engage users and AI algorithms alike. As well as research into competitors and their pricing/ promotions.


Google's launch of generative AI within its search engine results page signifies a new era in search engine marketing - one that I'm excited to use and run ads on. This technology promises to enhance user experience, improve content relevance, and offer new opportunities for marketers. However, it also requires a shift in strategies, focusing on high-quality, authentic content, and the adoption of AI tools. As we look to the future, the integration of hyper-personalization, promotions and multimedia content will further transform the search landscape, making it more dynamic and user-centric than ever before.

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