PPC Audit Service

Are you currently working with an agency or running Google Ads on your own and wondering if your account is maximized to its full potential?It’s a small, smart investment to audit the work you or your agency is doing, to make sure you are not wasting spend or missing out on opportunities. PPC marketing can be challenging to understand. It’s also an investment - where money is at stake. If it’s not done properly or managed poorly it could cost you $1,000s!

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Investing in a PPC audit service can help you identify new areas of opportunity, save thousands of dollars and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Our pay per click (PPC) account audit will help you get a fresh look at your campaigns from a top PPC agency. We specialize in search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization and data analytics. Our highly focused approach gives us the expertise and our track record running successful campaigns for clients makes us the top choice to complete an audit.

We’ll break it down and guide you through your PPCs programs current state and share new opportunities we’ve identified.

Our PPC Audit Steps:


Understand your business & goals


Acclimate ourselves with your account


Begin campaign audit

  • Campaign structure deep dive:
    • Deep dive into individual campaigns to analyze our current setup
    • Analyze keywords, negative keywords, audiences, ad extensions, budgeting, conversion goals, and campaign settings.
    • Review Quality Score
    • Explore remarketing (Display & Search)
    • Offer bidding strategy and budget optimization tips
  • Landing page Optimization
    • Give honest feedback on landing pages and areas of improvement
    • Coordinating landing page keywords with campaign keywords to drive ad relevance
  • Ad Performance
    • Writing compelling ad copy
    • Ad variation development and best practices
    • Identify performance bottlenecks

Audit Conversion Tracking


Opportunity scoping & prioritization


Share PPC reporting best practices


Discuss findings of the PPC audit

Audit your campaigns

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