Due to high demand, we have a 2 week waitlist for new clients. Submit your information to stay informed on scheduling a consultation.
Due to high demand, we have a 2 week waitlist for new clients. Submit your information to stay informed on scheduling a consultation.
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Top Search Engine Marketing Services

Increase Revenue With SEM

DDM Generation is a leading search engine marketing company that will help you reach your marketing goals & improve your business’s success online. If you want to acquire new customers efficiently, we can help you accomplish that with paid advertising on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and other search engines. We use the best in class paid search structure, supported by data-driven decisions and take the time to learn your business in-and-out.We'll work with you to create a custom strategy based on your goals so you’re maximizing your budget and increasing revenue. We have over 8+ years in the industry; managing budgets ranging from $5,000 to $500K+ a month.

Increase Revenue With SEM
• Custom Strategy based on Your Goals
• Keyword & business research
• Competitor analysis
• Ad copywriting (ad copy customized to search query)
• Lead generation
• Conversion tracking & optimization
• Remarketing
• Strategic bid management
• Customer match & audience development
• Monthly optimizations
• A/B Testing
• PPC account QA
Top Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Get more for your money & increase conversions

Improve customer experience and drive more conversions with our conversion rate optimization services. We help you maximize conversion rates on landing pages from paid traffic campaigns. If you are paying for site traffic, you should be monetizing the traffic to its fullest ability with high impact CRO A/B testing & consistent improvements that challenge the status quo.

Expertise in landing page A/B testing, value prop identification for your target audience and goal mapping for user funnels makes us top choice for your CRO investment. The research and continual analysis of data enables us to optimize your CRO strategy, so you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Increase Convesions
•UX best practices
• Value proposition identification
• A/B and multivariate testing
• Results reporting and analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Quality assurance
• Target audience & user research
• Consulting and ongoing recommendations
• Multi goal conversion tracking
Top Data Analytics Services

Use the power of your data

More than ever, business owners and marketing leaders are seeking our ways to maximize growth effectiveness and optimize marketing performance. The big question is how can I make sure my marketing spend is delivering results by identifying, reaching, engaging, converting, and retaining more customers?

Our data analytics will help guide you to answer that question and make smarter business decisions. The measurement and analysis of your site data and marketing efforts performance can provide valuable insights into where your most valuable customers are coming from, how your potential customers are interacting and  where you should focus your marketing spend next. With our data-driven approach, we will help you create and implement an integrated marketing analytics strategy that puts you ahead of your competition.

Marketing Analytics Consultant
•Google Tag Manager Implementation
• Track website actions throughout the funnel
• Improve decision-making confidence
• Forecast customer behavior
• Enhance the customer journey
• Custom Reporting
• Order & Lead Attribution
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