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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) can be said to be both a science and art. It is a process to optimize a website experience to get more leads or visitors to take a specific action such as filling out a form or making a sale. The CRO process includes understanding how leads move through the site, the actions they take, and what stops them from completing your goal. While lead generation is crucial to the website, traffic that does not convert is money down the drain. 

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DDM’s Approach To Paid Search Services

A conversion is a general term for a lead that completes a site goal. While these goals vary for each website, most have the same primary goal: for the lead or visitor to make a purchase. Other primary goals include requesting a quote, subscribing to a service, and more. 
Smaller conversion goals may include signing up for newsletters, providing personal information to feed demographic analysis, creating an account, adding a product to the cart, and more. 

A conversion rate refers to the percentage of leads that completes a goal on the site. To get this number, take the number of users that convert, divide by the number of unique times a user came to the site.  Having a high conversion rate means that the website is formatted effectively, well-designed, and appeals to the target audience. Comparatively, a low conversion rate could mean that there are issues with website design or performance. 

What Is A Conversion Rate?

How To Get Started With CRO?

If you are questioning how much CRO can benefit your website, here are some metrics that you can use to determine your website performance. 

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Bounce Rate

This refers to the percentage of visitors on your website but leave without navigating to other pages. A high bounce rate indicates that it is imperative to improve your conversion rates. 
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Pages Per Visit

The average page per visit shows your website’s engagement level and ability to provide information sought by visitors. 
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Page Load Time

Since studies have found that the first five seconds of page load time has the highest impact on conversion rates, best user experience (UX) practices are key in CRO. 
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Conversion Rate

A conversion rate tells you the number of people that convert compared to the amount of page traffic. This metric gauges your CRO marketing campaign relevance and effectiveness of your landing page.

By partnering with a trusted CRO agency, you increase your website conversion rates, a key performance indicator (KPI) for business growth. A website that is struggling to convert is essentially losing business each day. With a results-driven CRO company like DDM Generation, you can easily multiply your leads by allowing us to capture your target audience and moving them along your sales funnel.

DDM Generation’s Approach To CRO

CRO is an important factor in lead generation. Our approach focuses on CRO centered around paid advertising campaigns. If you are already paying for traffic, why not monetize the traffic to its fullest ability? A key element in understanding your customers, CRO not only brings in highly qualified leads, it also lowers acquisition costs and increases revenue.

CRO is crucial for any business as even the largest companies want to convert website visitors into customers, qualified leads, and brand advocates. At DDM Generation, the research and continual analysis of data enables us to optimize your CRO strategy, so you get the most out of your marketing budget.

In-Depth Site Auditing

We start with an in-depth audit of your website to identify conversion issues. Landing pages are integral for CRO as it is where a visitor becomes a lead that engages deeply with your brand. To optimize a landing page, we run A/B tests to determine the best design and features for your audience. 

Optimizing CTAs

While call to actions (CTA) are important, they can fail to entice visitors to complete an action you want. This is due to banner blindness, a phenomenon where people are used to ignoring banner information on websites. In this case, we use text-based CTA or anchor-text CTAs that have been shown to improve the number of leads generated. Another option is to use lead flows which can improve submission and clickthrough rates. 

Funnel Optimization

Funnel optimization looks at your current customers’ path to conversion and looks for ways to improve. Start by looking at how many steps are there in the funnel, what you can do to make the user experience better and analyze current path flows on your site to learn about your most popular pages.

Custom Experience for Retargeting

Retargeting helps you to re-engage visitors who have left your website by tracking the visitors and serving them online ads. Usually they are much more down funnel. We help you increase conversions by showing your audience the right offering at the right time on site. We do this by using compelling content, engaging visuals, offers and more.

Funnel Step by Step Reporting

Retargeting helps you to re-engage visitors who have left your website by tracking the visitors and serving them online ads. We help you do this by using compelling offers, engaging visuals, and more. It is especially impactful to retarget those who have visited your highest converting pages.

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Conversion Centered Methodologies

By using tools like Unbounce and Google Optimize to A/B test, we help improve conversion rates while focusing on user experience. Continued A/B testing, value prop identification for your target audience and goal mapping for funnels were the top choice for conversion rate optimization. We are here to address all conversion challenges. Our CRO offerings and services include the following:

• UX Best Practices
• Value Proposition Identification
• A/B and multivariate testing
• Results Reporting and Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• Quality Assurance
• Target Audience & User Research
• Consulting and Recomendations
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